Sunday, February 11, 2007

Upgrading to JFace Data Binding 3.3M5 Gotcha

There shouldn't be many API changes in Eclipse 3.3M5 that won't be obvious when you upgrade (just look for the red Xs). But there was a change in the number and sometimes order of parameters in the WritableValue, WritableSet, and WritableList constructors. If you're using any of these classes it would be wise to do a quick search to ensure that what you're passing is what we're expecting. The parameters to the constructors are untyped so the compiler won't be able to catch all of these changes.

At the moment we only have one API change planned that we feel still needs to happen before we hit 1.0 and it will hopefully occur in the beginning of M6 development. We're getting close to 1.0 so if you have any issues/complaints/thorns in your side, any at all, please let us know. We take a lot of pride in this and want to make sure that we're starting off on the right foot.

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