Thursday, March 29, 2007

EMF Observable Support

One of the recurring requests is for JFace Data Binding IObservable implementations for EMF. A lot of folks out there use EMF for their model and would like to hook that up with all the binding goodness of JFace Data Binding. If you have that itch you might want to follow bug 75625.

Review JFace's data binding design to determine how best to exploit it

Monday, March 26, 2007

3.3M6 JFace Data Binding API Changes

3.3M6 was the API freeze and JFace Data Binding had a few changes in regards to API that were necessary for 1.0. All API changes can be found with this query. The most dramatic changes can be found in bugs 175840 and 177463.

175840 - [DataBinding] Remove BindingListener/BindingEvent from the API

The title doesn't quite do this justice. The change that will effect most consumers is that we removed BindSpec and the configuration of bindings has changes because of this. We have introduced 2 new classes to replace BindSpec: UpdateValueStrategy and UpdateListStrategy.

177463 - [DataBinding] SWT Observable API additions

The essence of this change is that all SWTObservables.observe*(...) methods are now untyped meaning they all accept a type of Control. This was done in anticipation of supporting multiple SWT versions. If we were to put the latest and greatest widgets in the method signatures it would prohibit us from using this class with Eclipse 3.2.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Monitoring JFace Data Binding Wiki Changes

Since Eclipsepedia is publishing recent changes I threw together a quick Yahoo Pipe to monitor changes to the JFace Data Binding articles. Our wiki documentation is going to be changing quite a bit and hopefully soon. If interested this is one way to keep track of those changes.

JFace Data Binding Wiki Changes

Update: This isn't working at the moment. When I can find some time I'll update the pipe.

Eclipsepedia Recent Changes Feed

My thanks go out to whoever got this working. When this popped up in NetNewsWire it made my day.

Eclipsepedia Recent Changes