Saturday, December 09, 2006

JFace Data Binding is Eclipse 3.2.x compatible

As of 20061209 the data binding projects are compatible with Eclipse 3.2, this will be in 3.3M4. There weren't major issues, just compilation errors from using a couple 3.3 APIs. But they're now fixed and we jive with 3.2 as well as 3.3. The goal is to stay compatible with 3.2 as long as it isn't prohibitive to the projects. We'll do our best to keep it 3.2 compatible. If we can get to it we will be attempting to use the 3.3 viewer APIs when creating builders for viewer bindings. When that occurs we'll try to come up with a 3.2 compatible way to handle this as well.

See bug bug 164134 for details.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Minor API changes before 3.3M4

We're getting close to 3.3M4 (Friday Dec. 15, 2006) when we're hoping to have all API changes to JFace Data Binding complete. The changes are minor but if you're using the current code you might want to peruse the list to determine if you'll be effected.

  1. bug 118429 - IValidator will now return IStatus instead of a string.

  2. bug 147530 - Event notifications on observables will pass an event object rather than the the source and diff as separate parameters.

  3. bug 164653 - Changes to the protected APIs in the abstract observable implementations for thread safety.

  4. bug 128142 - IDomainValidator is being replaced with IValidator.

Again, they're all pretty minor and shouldn't take long to correct in consuming code.

Also we had a team meeting on November 30th, 2006. The notes can be found here. We tried to record the audio but alas, the service was having issues that night.

20061212 Update:
Another small change has occurred on the race to 3.3M4.

  1. bug 167450 - remove BindSupportFactory, a couple of methods are now gone from DataBindingContext